Lou, Jian (娄健)

September 2007 - July 2011


Ph.D. in Computer Science

  • Research Area: Computational Social Choice, Mechanism Design.
  • Supervised by Prof. Wei Huang and Prof. Xiaoping Chen

August 2014 - present

University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

BS in Computer Science and Technology 

My Education

  • Research Area: Computational Game Theory, Mechanism Design, Cyber-Physical Security, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
  • Supervised by Prof. Yevgeniy Vorobeychik. ​

Programming Skills

  • Java

  • C/C++
  • Python
  • Matlab
  • ​R
  • Linux/Unix

University of Science and technology of China

MS in Computer Software and Theory

Ph.D. Student in Computer Science@Vanderbilt University 

My name is Jian Lou(娄健 in Chinese), and I am a fourth-year Ph.D. student in Computer Science at Vanderbilt University. My research interests include Artificial Intelligence, Computational Game Theory, Machine Learning, Security and Privacy, Optimization and Operation Research, Auction Theory, Algorithmic Mechanism Design, Multi-agent System, Social Network, Security of Cyber-Physical Systems, etc. I am so lucky to be advised by Prof. Yevgeniy Vorobeychik. 

September 2011 - July 2014